PMC specialise in the state-of-the-art modular build projects

It’s proven that Modular construction is more efficient and safer than traditional build projects, this is due the fact that modular builds can be constructed offsite during the same time frame as the groundworks are being carried out on site, therefore, modular building projects can be completed 50% quicker than traditional build projects.

Health, Safety & Environment – Modular builds are by far more safer than a traditional build process. This is due to the modules being manufactured in a clean controlled environment. Individual trades are managed and good housekeeping is maintained to a high standard, therefore, reducing slips, trips and falls, as the working environment is less busy.

This controlled environment helps to reduce the carbon footprint, by maintaining waste management, less vehicle movement and as the modules are manufactured in a dry factory environment, they are more energy efficient than traditional construction projects.

Quality – PMC provide the highest standard and quality to their projects by documenting and managing all works throughout their projects.

By risk planning and documenting each phase of the project, this reduces any foreseen delays or snags that can affect us reaching the critical handover date.